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Check Your Phone Compatibility

You'll need to locate your phone's IMEI number and enter it into the field below to see if your device is compatible with Champ Mobile services.
Dial *#06# on your phone to see your IMEI number


International calling.

Unlimited land line & cellular calling/texting to Mexico & Canada

All Champ Mobile plans include direct calls to cellular and/or landlines in over 60 countries around the world. Plus your phone will work anywhere in the US, Mexico, and Canada for voice, text, and data, subject to the plan you select.

Choose Your Plan

All Plans Include Unlimited Text & Talk


30 Days of Unlimited Text & Talk + 1GB Data (LTE)

with monthly subscription, or $20

30 Days of Unlimited Text & Talk + 4GB Data (LTE)

with monthly subscription, or $40

30 Days of Unlimited Text & Talk + 12GB Data (LTE)

with monthly subscription, or $66.67